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CMN Almanac

Today is Tuesday, April 14th, the 105th day of the year.  There are 261

Cynthia Cooper

Cynthia Cooper

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  National Autism Month,

National Child Abuse Prevention Month, National Humor

Month, International Guitar Month, Lawn and Garden Month,

National Pecan Month, Stress Awareness Month, Sexual Assault

Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, Keep America

Beautiful Month, Organize Your Files Week, National Pecan Day

Da Brat

Da Brat


Larry Graham, 74, singer/musician

Cynthia Cooper, 57, basketball player

David Justice, 54, baseball player

DJ Pooh, 51, producer

Da Brat, 46, rapper

Anderson Silva, 45, MMA fighter

Antwon Tanner, 45, actor

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Joe Haden, 31, football player



George Jackson, 2013, singer/songwriter (b. 1945)


1775 – The first abolition society in North America is established by

Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush.

1865 – U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is shot in Ford’s Theatre by

John Wilkes Booth.  (He died April 15th.)

Elston Howard

Elston Howard

1955 – Elston Howard becomes the 1st Black to wear Yankee uniform.

1969 – Student Afro-American Society seized at Columbia College.

1971 – The Supreme Court upheld busing as a means to achieve

racial desegregation.

2003 – The Human Genome Project is completed with 99% of the

human genome sequenced to an accuracy of 99.99%.


Fire is the paired element of the Aries and in fact, you have the only cardinal connection with fire of all the zodiac signs. Your special connection with fire gives your personality the self-starting qualities of a spark becoming a flame. Similarly, it is the power of fire that connects to the deep burning passion that defines you. When you are working towards a goal, your inner flame games even more strength and fortitude. As you embrace fire’s positive qualities, you will continue to work toward success. Fire does not come without its challenges however; overcoming the impatience and impulsiveness of fire will be a lifelong challenge.

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  • freda mays

    I was feening for some Prince this morning and knew exactly where to tune in!!! Thanks for a great show Willie!

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