CMN Almanac

Today is Monday, March 11th,  the 70th day of the year . There are 295

Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Irish American Heritage Month,

Music in Our Schools Month, National Craft Month, Red Cross Month,

National Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month, National

Peanut Month, Social Workers Month, National Bubble Week, Crochet

Week, Johnny Appleseed Day, Worship of Tools Day


Bobby McFerrin, 69, singer (Don’t Worry Be Happy)

Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn, 62, singer

Jesse Jackson, Jr., 54, politician

Terrence Howard, 50, actor

Shawn Springs, 44, football player

Black Coffee, 43, DJ

Elton Brand, 40, basketball player

Lee Evans, 38, football player

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jesse Jackson Jr.

LeToya Luckett, 38, singer

Guda Guda, 36, rapper

Anthony Davis, 26, basketball player


Robert L. Carter, 102, activist/judge (Brown v. Board of Education) (d. 2012)

Mercer Ellington, 100, son of Duke Ellington/bandleader (d. 1996)

Ralph Abernathy, 93, civil rights leader (d. 1990)

Lady Chablis, 62, entertainer (d. 2016)


Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Whitney M Young Jr., 1971, leader National Urban League (b. 1922)


1789 – Benjamin Banneker with L’Enfant begin to lay out Washington D.C.

1901 – Cincinnati Enquirer reports Balt.  manager John McGraw signed

Cherokee Indian Tokohoma, who is really black 2nd baseman Charlie Grant.

1948 – 1st black in the U.S. Tennis Open (Reginald Weir).

1959 – “Raisin in the Sun”, 1st Broadway play by a black woman, opens.

Phylicia Rashad

Phylicia Rashad

1968 – Otis Redding posthumously receives gold record for ” Dock of the Bay”

1986 – NFL adopts instant replay rule.

1990 – 16th People’s Choice Awards: Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep win

(Dramatic Motion Picture) and Bill Cosby & Phylicia Rashad win (TV).

1991 – Janet Jackson signs $40M 3 album deal with Virgin records.


As a Pisces born on March 11th, your personality is defined by an experimental nature and intensity. While others are stuck to their ways or routine, you are always willing to try something new. As a result, you may have been through many phases and periods of reinvention. Very adaptable, you may feel like you have a series of personality that arise depending on the situation. In all matters of life you are passionate and intense. This is especially true with those you hold dear. You are glad to devote time and energy to anything you feel is of value.

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