Mobile Devices

New CMN App for Android™ users:

Now available in beta format. Please help us work out the particulars before we submit this to the Play Store.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD onto or copy to your Android Smartphone.

Give it a try and give us your feedback on Facebook or here.

There are many internet listening applications for your iPhone™ and Android™ mobile devices. Most of the applications we’ve found are quite robust and therefore somewhat confusing. We’ve found the following app(s) to be user friendly.

Android™ and iPhone™ users:

1. Search for xiialive™ in the Playstore™
2. Download and install this FREE app.
3. Click on the “Favorites” button.
4. Click on “ADD URL”
5. Type in “
6. Click “NEXT”
7. You’re Done!
Please Note: From time to time, our URL may change. If at any time, you’re unable to listen in, check back here for the current URL.