Max is, primarily, a broadcast journalist whose career began in Brevard County Fl. (home of the Kennedy Space Center). In 1982 he moved to Orlando to become the News and Public Affairs Director for the Black music station, WORL, later moving on to become the Metro and City Hall reporter for the all news, WKIS. While at WKIS, he also began his TV work, hosting a Bi-monthly talk show for WKCF-TV.

Over the last 20 plus years he has continued to do both radio and TV work, as well as writing articles for local publications. Currently, Max, works full time for Allstate insurance.

Max is originally from Detroit Mich., graduating from Kettering High School and the University of Detroit.

Max pledged Omega Psi Phi at U of D, is a member of the NAACP and has worked with several Central Florida groups to help promote themselves and events. He is the only center stage M.C. since the inception of the nationally recognized, Zora Neale Hurston Festival, held in the African American town of Eatonville the last weekend of January.

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