If you are having difficulty tuning in to our show, please note, a broadband connection (DSL or cable) is desirable to enjoy any type of streaming media.  Having said that, let’s see if one of the following cures will help you out.

1.  We use Microsoft’s DirectX technology to launch Windows Media Player.  This will be the case if you have a newer system using Microsoft’s Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.  Be sure you have the latest DirectX software on your computer.  Click HERE to check for the latest version.

3.  If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your system, this function must be temporarily turned-off or bypassed until the media player window is started.  With the 12Ghosts Pop-up Killer this can usually be handled by pressing the control key when you click on the link and holding down this key for 1-2 seconds.  Other pop-up blockers have similar methods of bypassing.

4.  Windows Media Player users can bypass the DirectX function or your pop-up blocker by manually opening your media player and typing the URL (web address) directly into the appropriate space.  After you open your media player, click on the FILE pull down menu (located in the top left corner) and select the OPEN URL … option.  Then type or copy and paste the following into the space provided:


We intentionally broadcast our signal at a very narrow bandwidth (24-32 Kbps), which seems to allow users in a corporate environment with firewall and/or bandwidth restrictions to tune in.

The above suggestions will work for about 99.9% of you.  If however, you are in the other 0.1% and continue to have difficulty listening to our broadcast, please email us with a contact time and we will have one of our technical people meet you in the chat room to help you resolve your issues.

In closing, you should always keep your operating system and other software components completely up to date.  Good Luck.

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