Today is Sunday, March 17th,  the 77th day of the year. There are 289

Cito Gaston
Cito Gaston

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Irish American Heritage Month,

Music in Our Schools Month, National Craft Month, Red Cross Month,

National Women’s History Month, National Peanut Month, National

Nutrition Month, Social Workers’ Month, St. Patrick’s



Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton

Clarence Collins, 83, singer (The Imperials)

Cito Gaston, 80, baseball manager (1st Black to win World Series)

Harold Brown, 78, drummer (War)

Cynthia McKinney, 69, (Rep-D-Georgia)

Mathew St. Patrick, 57, actor

Tyrone Hill, 57, basketball player

Tamar Braxton, 47, singer

Bayard Rustin
Bayard Rustin

Thomas Robinson, 33, basketball player


Bayard Rustin, 124, civil rights leader (d. 1987)

Nat “King” Cole, 113, singer (d. 1965)

Chuck Muncie, 71, football player (d. 2013)


Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

St Patrick, 462, patron St of Ireland, dies in Saul (according to legend)

J. J. Jackson, 2004, television personality (b. 1941)


432 – St Patrick aged 16 is carried off to Ireland as a slave (traditional date).

1753 – 1st official St Patrick’s Day.

1836 – The newly declared Republic of Texas abolishes slavery.

1885 – William F. Cosgrove patents automatic stop plug for gas and oil pipes.

1886 – Carrollton Massacre (Mississippi) 20 African Americans killed.

August Wilson
August Wilson

1890 – Charles B. Brooks patents street sweeper.

1976 – Rubin “Hurricane” Carter is retried

1990 – Playwright, August Wilson wins Pulitzer Prize for “Piano Lesson”.

1992 – 18th People’s Choice Awards: Kevin Costner & Julia Roberts win

(Dramatic Motion Picture) and Bill Cosby & Candice Bergen win (TV).


As a Pisces born on March 17th, you are well known for spirituality and passion. The inner workings of your mind are full of spiritual and philosophical question, which explains why you may have spent a great deal of time dwelling on the meaning of life. Your spiritual side connects heavily to your intuition and at times, you allow it to be your guiding force. In all matters of life you display great passion and intensity. If you feel something is worthwhile, you will pursue it with great fortitude. Your passion is especially strong in relation to those you hold dear. You are always willing to devote time and effort to your loved ones.

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