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Today is Tuesday, April 9th, the 99th day of the year.  There are 266

Keisha Knight Pulliam

Keisha Knight Pulliam

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES National Autism Awareness Month,

National Child Abuse Prevention Month, National Humor Month, Lawn

and Garden Month, International Guitar Month, Keep America Beautiful

Month, National Poetry Month, National Pecan Month, Stress Awareness

Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Garden Week, Name Yourself Day


Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson

Sunny Anderson, 44, TV show host

Keisha Knight-Pulliam, 40, actress

Mike Hart, 33, football player

Jazmine Sullivan, 32, singer


Paul Robeson, 121, actor/singer/ activist (d. 1976)


Brook Benton, 1988, singer (b. 1831)

Brook Benton

Brook Benton

Dave Prater, 1988, singer (Sam & Dave) (b. 1937)

Willie Stargell, 2001, baseball player (b. 1940)


193 – Lucius Septimus Severus of Africa is proclaimed Emperor by

his troops.  He marches with his army (16 legions) to Rome.

1816 – The African Methodist Episcopal  Church organizes in Philadelphia.

1865 – Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of

Willie Stargell

Willie Stargell

Northern Virginia to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox

Courthouse, Virginia effectively ending the Civil War.

1866 – Civil Rights Bill passes over President Andrew Johnson’s veto.

1870 – The American Anti-Slavery Society dissolves.

1867 – Passing by a single vote, the United States ratifies a treaty with

Russia for the purchase of Alaska.

1939 – Marian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial, after being

Ralph Abernathy

Ralph Abernathy

denied the right to sing at the Daughter’s of the American Revolution’s

Constitution Hall.

1947 – The first interracial Freedom Ride begins through the upper

South in violation of Jim Crow laws. The riders were seeking enforcement

of the 1946 Supreme Court ban of racial segregation in interstate travel.

1953 – “TV Guide” publishes first issue.

1968 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is buried in Atlanta.

1968 – Ralph Abernathy is elected to head the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

1969 – The “Chicago Eight” plead not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy

to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

1978 – David Thompson scores 73 points, the 3rd highest NBA game total,

and George Gervin scores 63 points in separate games.

1989 – Mike Tyson strikes a parking attendant when asked to move his car.

1989 – Ricky Henderson steals his 800th base in NY’s 4-3 loss to Cleveland.

1992 – Florida drops rape charges against NY Mets Dwight Gooden and

David Thompson

David Thompson


2003 – Baghdad falls to American forces; Iraqis turn on symbols of their

former leader Saddam Hussein, pulling down a grand statue of him and

tearing it to pieces.


Being an Aries born on April 9th, your creative mind and ambition are a key part of your being. In all aspects of life, your creativity is a key component of your charm and sense of humor. This quality has earned you many friends throughout life, but it is your ambition that is the most admirable of your qualities. When faced with a challenge or obstacle, you have ability to devote yourself fully to overcoming it. Whether or not your realize it, these qualities make you destined for success.

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