CMN Almanac

Today is Friday, May 10th, the 130th day of the year.  There are 235

Judith Jamison

Judith Jamison

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES Date Your Mate Month,

Foster Care Month, National Barbecue Month, National Bike

Month, National Blood Pressure Month, National Hamburger

Month, National Photograph Month, National Recommitment

Month, National Salad Month, Older Americans Month,National

Water Safety Awareness Month, National Teachers Appreciation

Young MC

Young MC

Week, National Nurses Appreciation Week, Clean up Your Room



Carl Douglas, 77, singer

Judith Jamison, 75, dancer

Sly Dunbar, 67, drummer (Sly & Robbie)

P.B.S. Pinchback

P.B.S. Pinchback

Young MC, 52, rapper

Jerome Williams, 46, basketball player

Keith Murray, 42, singer

Kenan Thompson, 41, actor

Samuel Dalembert, 38, basketball player


P.B.S. Pinchback, 182, 1st U.S. Black governor (d. 1921)

Ron Banks

Ron Banks

James Earl Cheney, 76, civil rights activist (d. 1964)

Ron Banks, 68, singer (The Dramatics) (d. 2010)


Eugene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb, 1963, football player (b. 1931)

Woody Shaw, 1989, trumpeter/bandleader (b. 1944)


1652 – John Johnson, a free Black, is granted 550 acres in Northhampton,


Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

1908 – Mother’s Day is observed for the first time in the United States.

1919 – Race riot occurs in Charleston, South Carolina, 2 Blacks are killed.

1962 – Marvel Comics publishes the first issue of “The Incredible Hulk”.

1967 – Hank Aaron hits his only inside the park home run.

1994 – Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as South Africa’s first Black president.


As a Taurus born on May 10th, you are well known for a charming and tactful personality. By now, you are likely to realize that people are drawn to your sense of humor and special brand of whit. With your social understanding and gifts for communication, you find it easy to connect with others, although you may prefer to keep a small group of close friends. Your charisma is paired nicely with you gifts for tact and diplomacy. You can likely recall numerous situations where you knew exactly what to say to protect someone’s feelings or prevent a situation from getting out of hand.


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