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CMN Almanac

Today is Monday, May 18th, the 138th day of the year.  There are 227

days remaining until the end of the year.

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Date Your Mate Month,

Foster Care Month, National Blood Pressure Month, National

Bike Month, National Barbecue Month, Older Americans Month,

National Salad Month, National Recommitment Month, National

Water Safety Month, National Bike Week, World AIDS Vaccine Day,

International Museum Day, Visit Your Relatives Day, No Dirty Dishes


Rob Base

Rob Base


Reggie Jackson, 74, baseball legend/sportscaster

Feliciana “Butch” Tavares, 67, singer (Tavares)

Yannick Noah, 60, tennis player

Sam Vincent, 57, basketball player/coach

Michael Dewayne Tait, 54, singer

Vince Young

Vince Young

Rob Base, 53, rapper

Eric Young, 53, baseball player

Donyell Marshall, 47, basketball player

Ron Mercer, 44, basketball player

Reggie Evans, 40, basketball player

Vince Young, 37, football player


Mary McLeod Bethune

Mary McLeod Bethune

Joe Turner, 109, blues singer (d. 1985)


Mary McCleod Bethune, 1955, educator/activist (b. 1875)

Ernie Davis, 1963, football player (b. 1939)


1652 – Rhode Island passes first law in English-speaking America making

slavery illegal.

1896 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules in Plessy v. Ferguson that the “separate

but equal” doctrine is constitutional.

Ernie Davis

Ernie Davis

1971 – Pres. Nixon rejects 60 demands of the Congressional Black Caucus.

1980 – Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington state, killing 57 people

and causing $3 billion in damage.

1997 – Tiger Woods wins the Byron Nelson Golf Classic.


The Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, Saturn’s influence also plays an important role in your personality. While it is the influence of Venus that links to your appreciation of beauty and sociability. It is Saturn’s power of control that is reflected in your perseverance, order and wisdom. Your unique planetary power makes you the most disciplined of all the Taurus Decans. You are hard working and organized in all of your efforts, as security is one of your most fundamental concerns. As long as you and your family are taken care of, you have little interest in the limelight. Although you are surely considered serious by most, those closest to you would be the first to attest to your fun-loving and caring nature.

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