Today is Monday, May 27th, the 148th day of the year.  There are 218

days remaining until the end of the year.

Ramsey Lewis
Ramsey Lewis

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Date Your Mate Month,

Foster Care Month, National Barbecue Month, National Bike

Month, National Blood Pressure Month, National Hamburger

Month, National Photograph Month, National Recommitment

Month, National Salad Month, Older Americans Month,

National Water Safety Month, Emergency Medical Services Week,

Sun Screen Day


Louis Gossett Jr.
Louis Gossett Jr.

Ramsey Lewis, 89, pianist/composer

Louis Gossett, Jr., 88, actor

Dee Dee Bridgewater, 74, singer

Jackie Slater, 70, football player/coach

Todd Bridges, 59, actor

Doug West, 58, basketball player

George McCloud, 57, basketball player

Andre 3000
Andre 3000

Frank Thomas, 56, baseball player

Dondre Whitfield, 55, actor

Andre 3000, 49, rapper

Jadakiss, 49, rapper


Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes, 52, singer (TLC) (d. 2002)


Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes
Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes

Little Willie John, 1968, singer (b. 1938)

Ezzard Charles, 1975, boxer (b. 1922)

Craig Heyward, 2006, football player (b. 1966)

Howard Porter, 2007, basketball player (b. 1948)

Gill Scott-Heron, 2011, singer/songwriter/poet (b. 1949)


1917 – Race riot in East St. Louis, 1 black killed

Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott-Heron

1942 – Dorie Miller awarded the Navy cross for deeds at Pearl


1943 – U.S. forbids racial discrimination in the war industry.

1961 – 1st black light sold.

1961 – Ralph Boston sets the long jump record at 27 ‘1/2″.

1969 – Walt Disney construction begins.

1994 – Final broadcast of the original Arsenio Hall Show.


Being a Gemini born on May 27th, the way that you express yourself to others is one of your greatest assets. Being around people and the outside world causes your mind to come alive, which allows your personality to shine. Being witty and clever have never been a challenge to you and it is almost surprising to you that others cannot relate. Your ability to engage others makes you a valuable friend and favorable among peers.

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