Today is Thursday, June 23rd, the 174th day of the  year.  There are 191

Clarence Thomas
Clarence Thomas

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES Black Music Month, Gay Pride Month,

National Dairy Month, National Candy Month, National Iced Tea Month,

National Pink Day


Clarence Thomas, 74, Supreme Court judge

Randy Jackson, 66, American Idol star

Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson

Tony Hill, 66, football player

LaSalle Thompson, 61, basketball player

Chico DeBarge, 56, singer/pianist (DeBarge)

Robert Brooks, 52, football player

LaDainian Tomlinson, 43, football player


Wilma Rudolph, 82, track legend (d. 1994)

Wilma Rudolph
Wilma Rudolph


Betty Shabazz, 1997, educator/activist (b. 1936)

Maynard Jackson, 2003, Atlanta mayor (b. 1938)

Bobby Bland, 2013, blues legend (b. 1930)

Little Willie Littlefield, 2013, singer.pianist (b. 1931)


1863 – 80 Black recruits reported to Pennsylvania army camp.

Bobby Bland
Bobby Bland

1888 – Frederick Douglass becomes the 1st African American

nominated for president.

1899 – Pvt. George Wanton is cited for bravery in the Spanish-

American war.

1919 – Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association


1958 – U.S. Federal judge rules race separation must end in 2 1/2 years

Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass

in Little Rock, Arkansas.

1961 – Cubs Ernie Banks ends his 717 consecutive-games-played streak.

1962 – Larry Doby retires from Cleveland Indians to play in Japan.

1969 – Joe Frazier TKOs Jerry Quarry in 8 rounds for the heavyweight

boxing title.

1970 – Charles Rangel defeats Adam Clayton Powell in Democratic primary.

1970 – Chubby Checker is arrested for marijuana possession.

1990 – Police find marijuana in Chuck Berry’s home.


Being in tuned with the emotion’s of others creates a wide variety of career opportunities. You have the ability and determination to help others, whether in the realm of public service, education or law. As a hobby, you may chose to use your emotional understanding to connect with others creatively. Look to the quirky, yet heart-felt lyrics of Jason Mraz, who was also born on June 23rd, for inspiration. The relatable songs of singer June Carter Cash, another of your birthday twins, may also be a good point of reference.

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