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Today is Sunday, July 14th, the 195th day of the year.  There are 170

Rosey Grier

Rosey Grier

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES National Hot Dog Month,

National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, Unlucky

Month for Weddings, National Nude Day


Rosey Grier, 87, football player/actor

Lee Elder

Lee Elder

Lee Elder, 85, golfer

Maulana Karenga, 77, founder of Kwanza

Erick Dampier, 45, basketball player

Darrelle Reavis, 33, football player

Shabazz Napier, 28, basketball player


Gwen Guthrie

Gwen Guthrie

Spencer Williams, 126, actor (Amos ‘n’ Andy) (d. 1969)

Gwen Guthrie, 69, singer (d. 1999)


Phillipe Wynn, 1984, singer (The Spinners) (b. 1941)


1798 – 1st direct US federal tax on states-on dwellings,

Phillipe Wynne

Phillipe Wynne

land & slaves.

1822 – Slave revolt in South Carolina under Denmark

Vesey and Peter Poyas.

1891 – Black inventor, J. Standard is awarded patent

for his refrigerator.

1943 – In Diamond, Missouri, the George Washington

Carver National Monument.

Howard Hewitt

Howard Hewitt

becomes the first in honor of an African American.

1986 – Shalamar’s Howard Hewett acquitted in Miami

of drug charges.

1987 – Rookie of the Year Award is renamed to honor

Jackie Robinson.

1992 – All star MVP: Ken Griffey Jr (Seattle Mariners).


Water is the Cancer’s paired element and you actually have the most fundamental connection with water of any of the zodiac signs. Being an element of emotions, you often experience strong emotions in waves. Often living on the rocky seas of emotion, you have gained a deep understanding for your inner workings. As a result, you can naturally pick up the rocky waters of others. Sharpening your connection with water will allow your empathetic skills to grow, but be aware that you can become “lost at sea” and suffer from emotional instability.

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