Today is Saturday, September 16th,  the 259th day of the year. There are 106

B.B. King
B.B. King

days remaining until the end of the year and 100 days remaining until Christmas.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Classical Music Month,

Hispanic Heritage Month, National Courtesy Month, Chicken

Month, National Piano Month, Baby Safety Month, Little

League Month, Honey Month, Self Improvement Month,

American Legion Day, Step Family Day, Working Parents Day


Tamron Hall
Tamron Hall

Lucius Allen, 76, basketball player

Earl Klugh, 70, jazz pianist/guitarist

Tim Raines, 64, baseball player

Danny John-Jules, 63, actor

Bernie Parmalee, 56, football player

Tamron Hall, 53, TV show host

Musiq Soul Child, 46, singer

Musiq Soulchild
Musiq Soulchild

Flo Rida, 44, rapper

Kyla Pratt, 37, actress

Aaron Gordon, 28, basketball player


Claude A Barnett, 134, founder Associated Negro Press (d. 1967)

B. B. King, 98, blues legend  (d. 2015)

Elgin Baylor, 89, basketball player/executive (d. 2021)

Frank Reed, 69, singer (Chi-Lites), (d. 2014)

Philip Michael Thomas
Philip Michael Thomas


Norman Whitfield, 2008, songwriter/producer (b. 1940)


1849 – Slavery abolished in French possessions.

1923 – First Catholic seminary for Black priests dedicated in Bay St. Louis,


1971 – 6 Ku Klux Klansmen arrested in connection with bombing of 10 school


Debbye Turner
Debbye Turner

1973 – Buffalo Bill O.J. Simpson rushes 250 yards (2 TDs), beating New

England Patriots 31-13.

1981 – 1st broadcast of “Miami Vice” on NBC-TV starring Don Johnson &

Phillip Michael Thomas.

1989 – Debbye Turner crowned 63rd Miss America 1990.

2013 – 12 people are killed after a gunman opens fire at a naval yard in

Washington D.C.


While selecting a career path is difficult, take comfort in the fact that your unique skills are well-suited for a variety of careers. Your sensitivity would be a good fit for caring professions such as counseling, teaching or education. Likewise, your analytical abilities would be a great fit for science or research. As an artistic soul, you may find the most satisfaction in art, music, acting or entertainment. If this is the case, look to the successes of performer Nick Jonas or actress Alex Bledel, who were both born on September 16th, for motivation.

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