Today is Saturday, September 23rd, the 266th day of the year. There are 99

Walter & Wallace Scott
Walter & Wallace Scott

days remaining until the end of the year and 93 days remaining until Christmas.

Today is the first full day of autumn.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Classical Music Month,

Hispanic Heritage Month, National Courtesy Month, Chicken

Month, National Piano Month, Baby Safety Month, Honey

Month, Suicide Prevention Month, Self Improvement Month,

Little League Month, Checkers Day

Marvin Lewis
Marvin Lewis


Walter & Wallace Scott, 80, singers (Whispers)

Marvin Lewis, 65, football coach

John Henton, 63, actor

Chi McBride, 62, actor

Lisa Raye-McCoy, 56, actress

Lisa Raye-McCoy
Lisa Raye-McCoy

Jermaine Dupri, 51, record producer/rapper

Layzie Bone, 48, rapper (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

Anthony Mackie, 45, actor

Bryant McKinnie, 44, football player

Matt Kemp, 39, baseball player

Brandon Richardson, 39, actor

Chris Johnson,  38, football player

Jermaine Dupri
Jermaine Dupri

Brandon Jennings, 34, basketball player


Mary Church Terrell, 160, civil rights activist (d. 1954)

John Coltrane, 97, jazz saxophonist

Ray Charles, 93, singer/pianist (d. 2004)

Charlie Barnett, 70, actor (d. 1996)

Ray Charles
Ray Charles


Carl Rowan, 2000, journalist (b. 1925)


1862 – Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation is published in Northern


1957 – White mob forces 9 black students who had entered a Little Rock

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

high school in Arkansas to withdraw.

1962 – ABC’s 1st color TV series, The Jetsons premieres.

1962 – L.A. Dodger Maury Wills steals record setting #97 on his way to 104.

1979 – St. Louis legend Lou Brock steals 938th & final base of his career.

1980 – Bob Marley’s last concert at Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh.


Venus is your sign’s planetary ruler and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you receive double influence from the planet. Venus can be considered the planet of sensitivity, cooperation, and appreciation of art. It is not wonder that these qualities are so present in your personality. It is Venus’ s influence that also explains for your highly romantic nature. Although you may be slow to commit, you are fully devoted to loving relationships once that have been established. You use your creativity and imagination to find new ways to spoil your partners. You find the same enjoyment in your surroundings, which you take care to insure are aesthetically pleasing. If your planetary influence had one downfall, it would be that you appreciate beauty to such a high degree, that you may be overcommitted to a life of luxury.

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