Today is Monday, October 2nd, the 275th day of the year. There are 90

Avery Brooks
Avery Brooks

days remaining until the end of the year and 84 days remaining until Christmas.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Clergy Appreciation Month, Computer Learning Month, Cookie Month,

Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Lupus Awareness Month, National

Diabetes Month, National Pizza Month, National Vegetarian Month,

National Popcorn Popping Month, Seafood Month, Get Organized

Week, National Custodial Worker Day

Freddie Jackson
Freddie Jackson


Avery Brooks, 75, actor

Freddie Jackson, 67, singer/songwriter

Aaron McKie, 51, basketball player

Anthony Johnson, 49, basketball player

Mandissa, 47, singer

Johnny Cochran
Johnny Cochran

Tyson Chandler, 41, basketball player


Nat Turner, 223, leader of major slave rebellion (d. 1831)

Moses Gunn, 94, actor (d. 1993)

Maury Wills, 91, baseball legend (d. 2022)

Johnnie Cochran, 87, OJ Simpson defense attorney (d. 2005)


Hazel Scott
Hazel Scott

Hazel Scott, 1981, singer/pianist (b. 1918)

Nipsey Russell, 2005, comedian (b. 1918)

August Wilson, 2005, playwright (b. 1945)

Tamara Dobson, 2006, actress (b. 1947)


1833 – N.Y. Anti-Slavery Society organized.

1863 – Alexander T. Augusta, one of the 1st Black doctors of the Civil War.

Art Monk
Art Monk

1872 – Morgan State University founded.

1967 – Thurgood Marshall sworn in as 1st black Supreme Court Justice.

1968 – Bob Gibson sets a World Series record of 17 strikeouts.

1980 – Larry Holmes TKOs Muhammad Ali in 11 for heavyweight boxing title.

1983 – Art Monk begins NFL streak of 136 plus consecutive game receptions.

1988 – Mike Tyson wrecks furniture in his Bernardsville N.J. mansion.

2000 – James Perkins sworn is as Selma, Alabama’s first Black mayor.


As a Libra born on October 2nd, you are well-known for your cleverness, imagination and diplomacy. While others prefer to stick to themselves, you find the most excitement in a social setting. You love applying your creativity and imagination into unique observations and witty remarks. While your friends greatly appreciate your clever humor, they may appreciate your diplomacy even more. When the group has a disagreement or issue, you use your creativity to solve problems and bring order.

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