Today is Wednesday, October 13th, the 286th day of the year. There are 79

Shirley Caesar
Shirley Caesar

days remaining until the end of the year and 73 days remaining until Christmas.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Lupus Awareness Month, Cookie Month,

National Diabetes Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Computer

Learning Month, National Popcorn Popping Month, Seafood Month,

Clergy Appreciation Month, National Pizza Month, National Vegetarian

Month, Fire Prevention Week, International Skeptics Day

Demond Wilson
Demond Wilson


Shirley Caesar, 83, gospel singer

Pharoah Sanders, 81, saxophonist

Demond Wilson, 75, actor (Sanford & Son)

Beverly Johnson, 69, model

Derek Harper, 60, basketball player

Doc Rivers, 60, basketball coach

Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers

Jerry Rice, 59, football player

Cherelle, 56, singer

Tisha Campbell-Martin, 53, actress

Brian Dawkins, 48, football player

Paul Pierce, 44, basketball player

DJ Paul, 44, rapper

Ashanti, 41, singer


David Heye, 41, boxer

Norris Cole, 33, basketball player


Arna Botemps, 119, poet (d. 1973)

Art Tatum, 110, jazz pianist/composer

Nipsey Russell, 101, comedian

Jesse Leroy Brown, 95, 1st Black naval aviator

Garrett A. Morgan
Garrett A. Morgan


Clarence Muse, 1979, actor (Sam-Casablanca) (b. 1889)

Vivian Malone Jones, 2005, civil rights activist (b. 1942)


1914 – Garrett Morgan invents & patents gas mask.

1979 – Angela Davis arrested in NYC.


Being a Libra born on October 13th, you are characterized by your analytical and social nature. While others may prefer to be on their own, you are most comfortable in the group setting. You take any chance to interact with new and interesting people, finding great enjoyment in situations where you can share your clever observations and thoughts. In addition to being social, you are also very loyal, committing strongly to close relationships.

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