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CMN Almanac

Today is Thursday, October 31st, the 304th day of the year. There are 61 days

Glen "Doc" Rivers

Glen “Doc” Rivers

remaining until the end of the year and 55 days remaining until Christmas. Today

is Halloween!

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Clergy Appreciation Month, Cookie Month,

Computer Learning Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month,

National Diabetes Month, Lupus Month, National Pizza Month,

Willow Smith

Willow Smith

National Vegetarian Month, National Popcorn Popping Month, Seafood

Month, Increase Your Psychic Powers Day, Happy Halloween!


John Lucas, 66, basketball player/coach

Glenn “Doc” Rivers, 58, basketball player/coach

Fred McGriff, 56, baseball player

Ethel Waters

Ethel Waters

Blue Edwards, 54, basketball player

Antonio Davis, 51, basketball player

Lil’ JJ, 29, actor

Willow Smith, 19, actress/singer


Ethel Waters, 123, actress (Beulah)/singer (Stormy Weather) (d. 1977)

Rosalind Cash

Rosalind Cash

Bernard Edwards, 67, bassist/producer (Chic) (d. 1996)


Rosalind Cash, 1995, actress (b. 1939)

Maurice Lucas, 2010, basketball player (b. 1952)


1899 – William F. Burr patents switching device for railways.

1945 – Booker T. Washington entered Hall of Fame of Great Americans.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur

1961 – Federal judge rules that Birmingham, Alabama, laws against integrated

playing fields are illegal.

1968 – President Johnson orders a halt to all bombing of North Vietnam.

1993 – Rapper Tupac Shakur charged with aggravated assault.


Being a Scorpio born on October 31st, your calm, ambitious and passionate personality defines you. You strive for success, which explains why you are dissatisfied with anything other than being the best. Passion runs deep within you and pushes you to conquer challenges and meet your goals. Although you are highly ambitious and driven, you maintain an outer calm, much to the surprise of your friends, coworkers, peers and family.

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