Today is Friday, November 26th,  the 330th day of the year. There are 35

Tina Turner
Tina Turner

days remaining until the end of the year and 29 days remaining until Christmas.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Native American Heritage Month,

Aviation History Month, National Adoption Awareness Month, National

Epilepsy Month, Child Safety Protection Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month,

National Sleep Comfort Month, Shopping Reminder Day


Olivia Cole
Olivia Cole

Tina Turner, 82, singer

Olivia Cole, 79, actress (Roots)

Harry Carson, 68, football player

Harold Reynolds, 61, baseball player/sports analyst

Mario Elie, 58, basketball player

Garcelle Beauvais, 55, actress

Shawn Kemp
Shawn Kemp

Shawn Kemp, 52, basketball player

John Amaechi, 51, basketball

Ronald “Winky” Wright, 50, boxer

Maria Campbell, 46, actress

Ryan Toby, 45, singer

Lil’ Fizz, 36, rapper

Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth

Avery Bradley, 31, basketball player

Dizzy Wright, 31, rapper



Sojourner Truth, 1883, abolitionist/women’s rights advocate (b. 1787)

Benjamin O. Davis Sr., 1970, 1st black general (b. 1877)

MC Hammer
MC Hammer

Sean Taylor, 2007, football player (b. 1983)

Scatman Crothers, 1986, singer/actor (Chico & The Man) (b. 1910)


1789 – 1st national Thanksgiving in USA.

1861 – West Virginia created as a result of dispute over slavery with Virginia.

1866 – Rust College is founded in Holy Springs, Miss.

1945 – Charlie “Bird” Parker leads a record date for the Savoy label, marketed as

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

the “greatest Jazz session ever”.

1968 – 34th Heisman Trophy Award: O J Simpson, Southern Cal (RB).

1970 – Charles Gordone becomes the first Black playwright to receive the Pulitzer

Prize for “No Place To Be Somebody”.

1990 – 1st Billboard Music Awards: M.C. Hammer & Janet Jackson win.

2012 – The cost of Hurricane Sandy to New York is announced to be $32 Billion.


Being a Sagittarius born on November 26th, your adventurous nature is possibly your most defining quality. You find no enjoyment in familiarity, which explains for your need to constantly seek out new people and experiences. Your friends and family appreciate this qualities, almost as much as they enjoy your positive and optimistic outlook. Your loved ones never fail to marvel at how you can find the positive qualities of any person or situation.

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