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CMN Almanac

Today is Sunday, January 5th,  the fifth day of the year. There are 361

Ted Lange

Ted Lange

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  National Bath Safety Month,

National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month,

National Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month,

National Soup Month, Letter Writing Week, National Bird Day


Ted Lange, 73, actor (Isaac-Love Boat)

Warrick Dunn

Warrick Dunn

Mercury Morris, 73, football player

Vincent Calloway, 63, trumpet player (Midnight Star)

Ray Crockett, 53, football player

Nicole Murphy, 52, reality star

Felton Spencer, 52, basketball player

Warrick Dunn, 45, running back

Brooklyn Sudano, 39, actress

Hosea Williams

Hosea Williams

De’Anthony Thomas, 27, football player


Hosea Williams, 94, civil rights leader (d. 2000)

Wilbert Harrison, 91, singer (Kansas City) (d. 1994)

Alvin Ailey, 89, choreographer (d. 1989)


George Washington Carver, 1943, scientist (b. 1862)

Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey

Charles Mingus, 1979, jazz bassist/composer/orchestra leader (b. 1923)


1804 – Ohio legislature passes 1st laws restricting free blacks movement.

1911 – Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity founded at Indiana University.

1943 – William H. Hastie, civilian aide to secretary of war, resigns to

protest segregation in armed forces.

1957 – Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson retires rather than be traded to

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

N.Y. Giants.

1970 – Soap Opera “All My Children,” premieres on ABC.

1971 – Globetrotters lose 100-99 to NJ Reds, ending 2,495-game win streak.

1971 – U.S. heavyweight “Sonny” Liston’s corpse found.

1975 – “Wiz” opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 1672 performances.

1993 – Reggie Jackson elected to Hall of Fame.


Being a Capricorn born on January 5th, your personality is characterized by adaptability, charm and determination. While there are many people that struggle with new situations and people, you thrive in environments that force you to adapt. Your warm, witty and charming personality shine in all your social interactions, which explains how you have managed to amass numerous close friends. Perhaps your most admirable quality is your determination. In the face of a challenge, you display the necessary mental fortitude and creativity to solve any problem.

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