Art Evans
Art Evans

Today is Wednesday,  March 27th, the 87th day of the year.  There are 279

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Irish American Heritage Month,

Music in Our Schools Month, National Craft Month, Red Cross Month,

National Nutrition Month, National Peanut Month, Women’s History

Month, Social Workers Month, Colon Cancer Awareness Month


Randall Cunningham
Randall Cunningham

Art Evans, 82, actor

Randall Cunningham, 61, football player

Ed Pinkney, 61, basketball player

Mariah Carey, 54, singer

Danny Fortson, 48, basketball player

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey


Harold Nicholas, 103, dancer/actor (d. 2000)

Sarah Vaughn, 100, jazz singer (d. 1990)



1501 – Black seamen, soldiers and explorers land in America

Sarah Vaughn
Sarah Vaughn

with the Spanish.

1513 – Spaniard Juan Ponce De Leon discovers Florida.

1866 – Pres. Johnson vetoes civil rights bill; it  later becomes

the 14th amendment.

1930 – Of the 116,000 African Americans in professional

Joe Louis
Joe Louis

positions, more than two thirds were teachers or ministers.

1941 – Joe Louis KOs Abe Simon in 6 rounds to retain the

heavyweight boxing title.

1945 – Ella Fitgerald and the Delta Rhythm Boys record “It’s

Only A Paper Moon”.

1961 – Black demonstrators in Charleston staged ride-ins on

Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald

street cars.

1962 – Archbishop Rummel ends race segregation in New

Orleans Catholic schools.

1969 – Black Academy of Arts & Letters forms in Boston.

1972 – “Soledad Bros.” acquitted by an all-white jury.

1985 – Billy Dee Williams receives a star on the Hollywood

Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams

Walk of Fame.

1989 – 1st half-black soap opera, “Generations” premieres on


1997 – Martin Luther King’s son meets with James Earl Ray,

his father’s assassin.

1998 – The Food and Drug Administration approves Viagra

for use as a treatment for male impotence.


Your sign’s elemental pair is fire and in fact, you have the only fundamental connection with the element. Your special connection with fire gives your personality of a spontaneous flame, which explains why you are such a self-starter. Although fire’s influence also gives you leadership qualities, its main influence can be found in your passion. When you are met with a challenge you feel is worthwhile, your fire burns with fortitude and determination. Embracing fire’s positive influences will be one of your greatest strengths, but be weary of the impatience that plagues all fire signs.

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