CMN Almanac

Today is Tuesday, August 11th, the 224th day of the year. There are 142

Kenny Gamble
Kenny Gamble

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  National Catfish Month,

National Picnic Month, National Golf Month, Peach Month,

Romance Awareness Month, National Smile Week, Son and

Daughter Day


Kenny Gamble, 77, record company executive) (Philly Int’l)

Viola Davis
Viola Davis

Viola Davis, 55, actress

Duane Martin, 55, actor

Ali Shaheed Muhammad, 50, rapper/producer (A Tribe Called Quest)

Affion Crockett, 45, comedian

Jermain Taylor, 42, boxer

J-Boog, 35, rapper/producer (B2K)

Alex Haley
Alex Haley

Patty Mills, 32, basketball player


J. Rosamond Johnson, 147, co-composer (Lift Every Voice & Sing)

Alex Haley, 99, writer (Autobiography of Malcolm X, Roots), (d. 1992)

Carl Rowan, 95, newspaper columnist (d. 2000)

Chris Kelly, 42, rapper (Kriss Kross) (d. 2013)


Percy Mayfield, 1984, singer (b. 1921)

Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.


1962 – Dodgers protest wetting down of Candlestick to slow Maury Wills


1965 – Race riots (the Watts Riot) begin in the Watts area of Los Angeles.

1968 – Satchel Paige, 62, & needing 158 days on a major league payroll to

qualify for a pension, is signed by Braves.

1974 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s picture hung in Ga. Capitol.


The Sun is the planetary ruler of your sign, but as you are born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you also receive planetary influence from Jupiter. The Sun’s influence can be witnessed in your individualism, willpower and creativity, while Jupiter’s power manifests in your great generosity and optimism. Your unique combination of planetary influence makes you far more optimistic than any of the other Leo Decans. You appreciate life and take care to learn from new people and environments. Continue to embrace your optimism, as you will be surprised how much good fortune will come your way because of it.