Today is Sunday. July 3rd, the 184th day of the year. There are 181

Montell Williams
Montell Williams

days remaining until the end of the year.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES National Hot Dog Month,

National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month,

Unlucky Month for Weddings, Disobedience Day


Montell Williams, 66, talk show host

Fontella Bass
Fontella Bass


Fontella Bass, 82, singer/songwriter (d. 2012)

Johnny Wilder Jr., 72, singer (Heatwave) (d. 2006)

Damon Harris, 72, singer (Temptations) (d. 2013)


Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson


1688 – The Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania make first formal

protest against slavery.

1914 – 500 Blacks from Oklahoma sail for West Africa, led by Back-to-

Africa advocate, Chief Alfred Sam.

1947 – Cleveland Indians purchase Larry Dolby, the 1st black in AL.

1950 – The Hazel Scott Show debut on the DuMont Television Network.

The first network TV show hosted by an African American.

Venus Williams
Venus Williams

1962 – Jackie Robinson named to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

1983 – Calvin Smith becomes fastest man alive (9.93 for 100m).

1990 – Members of 2 Live Crew formally charged with obscenity in Florida.

2005 – 112th Wimbledon Women’s Tennis: Venus Williams beats Lindsay

Davenport (4-6 7-6 9-7).


The Moon is the planetary ruler of your sign, but because you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also met with the influence of Pluto. The moon ties into your intuitive, almost psychic like, mastering of emotions, while Pluto fuels your inclination towards power and mystery. It is this combination that creates your unique personality, but it also creates a confusing struggle between your mind and your heart. Your happiness lies in a secure, loving relationship, where respect and loyalty are in abundance. Avoid your jealous tendencies to insure long-lasting relationships.

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