Today is Tuesday, September 19th, the 262nd day of the year. There are 103

Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers

days remaining until the end of the year and 96 days remaining until Christmas.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Classical Music Month,

Hispanic Heritage Month, National Courtesy Month, Chicken

Month, National Piano Month, Little League Month, Honey

Month, Baby Safety Month, Self Improvement Month

Soledad O'Brien
Soledad O’Brien


Freda Payne, 81, singer

Joe Morgan, 79, baseball player/announcer

Larry Brown, 76, football player

Nile Rodgers, 71, songwriter/producer/guitarist (Chic)

Kevin Hooks, 65, actor (Sounder, Aaron Loves Angela)

Debbye Turner, 58, Miss America (1990)

Sanaa Lathan
Sanaa Lathan

Katrina McClain, 59, basketball player

Soledad O’Brien, 57, journalist

Sanaa Lathan, 52, actress

Columbus Short, 40, actor

Skepta, 40, rapper

Tyreke Evans, 33, basketball player


Columbus Short
Columbus Short

Brook Benton, 92, singer (Rainy Night in Georgia) (d. 1988)


Willie Hutch, 2005, singer (b. 1944)


1830 – First National Convention of Free Men agrees to boycott slaved-

produced goods.

1881 – Booker T. Washington opens Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

1947 – Jackie Robinson is named 1947 “Rookie of Year”.

Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks

1960 – Chubby Checkers’ “Twist” reaches #1.

1963 – Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. is founded at Morgan State University

in Baltimore, Maryland.

1986 – “Captain EO” with Michael Jackson premieres.

1989 – Gordon Park’s film, “The Learning Tree”, is among the first films to be

registered by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.


Your sign’s ruling planetary influence comes from Mercury, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, the sign, you receive a generous helping of Venus’s influence as well. Mercury’s power is mirrored in your sharp mind and communication skills, while it is Venus that can be linked to your sensitivity and appreciation for art/beauty. This unique planetary combination makes you more sensitive and artistically inclined that the other Virgo Decans. You will always be able to find the beauty in all you encounter and similarly, this allows you to easily experience love for art and people. At the same time, your strong emotions can leave you quite vulnerable. It is only natural to care about how others feel about you, but you must put effort into not letting it affect you too heavily.

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