Today is Wednesday, September 20th, the 263rd day of the year. There are 102

Debi Morgan
Debbi Morgan

days remaining until the end of the year and 96 days remaining until Christmas.

HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES  Classical Music Month,

Hispanic Heritage Month, National Courtesy Month, Chicken

Month, National Piano Month, Little League Month, Honey

Month, Self Improvement Month, Baby Safety Month,

National Punch Day

Debra Roberts
Debra Roberts


Debbi Morgan, 67, actress (Angie-All My Children)

Deborah Roberts, 66, journalist/TV reporter

Enuka Okuma, 47, actress

Crystle Stewart, 42, model

Aldis Hodge, 37, actor

Melvin "Slappy" White
Melvin “Slappy” White


Melvin “Slappy” White, 101, comedian (d. 1995)

Bobby Nunn, 98, singer (The Coasters) (d. 1986)



1664 – Maryland passes 1st anti-amalgamation law to stop intermarriage of

Cosby Show
Cosby Show

English women & black men.

1814 – “Star Spangled Banner” published as a song, lyrics by Francis Scott

Key, tune by John Stafford Smith.

1830 – 1st Negro Convention of Free Men agree to boycott slave-produced


1850 – Slave trade abolished in D.C., but slavery allowed to continue.

1939 – Joe Louis KOs Bob Pastor in 11 for heavyweight boxing title.

Walter Payton
Walter Payton

1958 – Martin Luther King Jr. stabbed by a Black woman.

1961 – James Meredith refused access as a student in Mississippi

1973 – Willie Mays announces retirement at end of 1973 season.

1982 – NFL players begin a 57 day strike.

1984 – “Cosby Show” premieres on NBC-TV.

1987 – Walter Payton scores NFL record 107th rushing touchdown


Being both intelligent and sensitive, there are several careers that would fit you well. You should consider careers that utilize your social skills, such as public relations, advertising or promotion. In the same light, your analytical ability would be well-suited for a career in research or education. Your creative abilities may lead you to a career in writing, which was the path of Upton Sinclair, who was also born on September 20th. If you are tempted by the acting world, look to the successes of Sophia Loren, another of your celebrity birthday twins, for inspiration.

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