CMN is all around Central Florida capturing video and photographs of items and events which we deem relevant to our core demographic. If you have an event and would like to see video and/or photographs posted here. Please let us know about the event via email.

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  1. Sometime back in October, my 10 yr. old great-granddaughter was in a fight with another classmate.I was told that the classmate was a bully with other children and when she bullied my g-grdtr., the bully lost the fight. While walking home after school the next day, the bully’s mother approached my g-grdtr. and several other children, called her to her van, pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her.
    I don’t know what the police and officials have one about this matter; needless to say, it concerns me greadly. If this is true, then, no wonder the child is bullying other children. What mother would do this? Why has nothing been done about this? I could have buried my great-granddaughter had she fired the gun and other children could have been hurt.
    I would like some answers, can you please help???
    Wanda Walker

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